Web Business Intelligence


  • Web based, real-time IBS data for reporting and tee sheet utilization and viewing
  • View individual tee sheets and/or create clusters of clubs with facility drill down
  • View utilization visualizations based on user-defined KPIs
  • View missed revenue opportunities as logged at each connected course
  • Create prices overrides on the fly with easy to see notification of the override
  • Can price overrides based on Player Type
  • Easy Notification if club is offline
  • Multiple data cubes accessible for IBS reporting purposes across entire company portfolio
  • Historical comparisons to same day, previous day, month, year and/or custom ranges
  • Reports configurable based on login
  • Includes BI Dashboard reporting with Microsoft Excel add-in
  • WebRes and web specials
  • Ability to setup KPIs

Web Business Intelligence is a powerful reporting and yield management tool designed to provide real-time, dynamic reporting across a single or multiple clubs through a simple web-based application.


All data is hosted by IBS and does not require any additional hardware or data mining software. Having a web-based application that can be accessed by anyone in your organization with up to date, real-time Tee Times Utilization information, Tee Times and Sales data across multiple facilities, can help your business make much more
proactive and intelligent business decisions that will ultimately drive revenue. You will also be able to control your own inventory and run specials or discounted inventory on your own terms and pricing.
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Additional Options


Web.nxt is an on-demand website solution providing an online club identity, marketing and interactive member/guest communications. As part of the fully-integrated suite of IBS modules, Web.nxt provides you with complete control over your club’s dynamic web presence, empowering you to update and manage both content and look/feel without any technical expertise. IBS Web.nxt includes a complete suite of website tools, all designed to help you capture, engage and retain your members. Options include online newsletters, scheduled content, calendaring, polls/surveys and e-mail marketing.

With an unparalleled combination of ease-of-use, complete control over design and content, and a full range of optional modules and tools, IBS Web.nxt puts your club’s web presence at your fingertips. The resulting website provides a powerful avenue to building a community within your membership, and ultimate member satisfaction.


  • Group targeted email marketing
  • Event management and calendaring
  • Management of content, look/feel and site administration, with no technical expertise required
  • Image and document galleries
  • Surveys, Questionnaires and Polls
  • 100% Custom Web Pages
  • Member and Group Management
  • Adobe Flash Support
  • Site statistics
  • Syndicated News
  • Real Time “Who is online”
  • Weather Magnet
  • Complete integration with Membership and Accounts Receivable
  • Complete integration with Clubdining.com

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This product allows a manager to view key current statistics about their club. It is 100% customizable depending on the information that you are looking to view. It gives up to the second live data from sales to costs and everything in between. Dashboard allows the creation of multiple charts which you can save and scroll through depending on the information you are trying to analyze. It allows you to run key reports on the club all at the same time within the same viewing window so that you can make informed business decisions.


  • Reports by Account and Stat code
  • Breakdown by Week to Date, Month to Date, and Year to Date
  • Report on specific departments or summary all
  • Tee Time Statistics
  • Member Sales
  • Gross margin graphs
  • 100% Configurable

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Credit Card Processing

Non-integrated credit card terminals are always an option, but having your credit card processor integrated with your Retail POS and Food and Beverage software allows you to simplify the transaction process and maintain tighter controls on your credit card revenue. By choosing ETS as your credit card processor, you can take advantage of features such as Member EZPay and WebRes. Your credit card transactions with ETS will be incredibly fast, with 2-3 second approval times. You will also be able to view your account online at any time. The reliability of their processing service will allow you to avoid down time and keep your operation running smoothly. ETS is a NGCOA Preferred Supplier. Learn more about ETS at http://www.ets-corporation.com.

We also integrate with 911 Creditline Software. 911 is a privately owned, entirely POS vendor and processor independent, ISO-friendly company, which has been around since 1995. 911 uses a unique combination of industry specific knowledge and software science that allows them to build function rich, easy-to-use, reliable software while taking advantage of the best technology available. For more information on 911 Creditline Software please visit http://www.911software.com.

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Member EZPay

If you allow your members to make payments with a credit card, you need IBS Member EZPay now also with the ability to direct debit a members checking account using ACH.

All you need is the member’s credit card number or checking account numbers entered securely within their profile, and their balances will be automatically charged to that card or account at the end of each day, week or month… whichever schedule you desire. All balances are authorized and settled in a single function with reporting on any denials that occur. This feature works in conjunction with ETS Credit Card processing and the Membership module.


  • Settlement and authorizations happen at same time
  • Password protected for added security
  • Added convenience for members

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IBS is pleased to offer TimeClock Plus (TCP) for clubs that want a fully-featured timekeeping system to help them manage their payroll. The TCP product is fully integrated with the Retail POS and Food and Beverage modules. When paired with biometric verification, it ensures time tracking that is both accurate and authentic. A variety of clocks are available. For more information about TCP feel free to visit them at http://www.timeclockplus.com.

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Member Loan System

The IBS Initiation and Loan Management system is used to manage all the initiation fee and loan installments for your members. You can setup the length, frequency, and interest method for each member’s particular situation.

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Card Programs

The Retail POS and Membership systems allow you to implement a wide range of card programs at your club. Large membership clubs or semi-private courses may want to issue member or player cards to identify the customer and to help make sure that transactions are being charged to the correct account. Those same clubs may want to implement a loyalty program and use player cards to ensure that loyalty points are tracked properly.

Gift Cards can be a great way to increase sales in the proshop or restaurant. You may also want to consider a marketing program that sends stored-value promotional cards to potential customers as a way to bring in more business.

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Bar Code Data Collector

This device and our interface are incredibly helpful in speeding up your inventory taking process. Count your entire inventory with your scanner and then easily send those counts to your Retail POS system.




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Loyalty and Rewards

Drive revenue by building loyalty with your customers and members through a rewards program that encourages more spending! IBS has a completely integrated and robust Loyalty & Rewards program that when implemented will drive more revenue, encourage repeat business and satisfy your customer/member base. The Loyalty module will allow clubs to assign “Earn” and/or “Redeem” points to any inventory item in their IBS system (Retail or Food and Beverage). Loyalty customers or members will then earn points when they purchase those items, and they can redeem those points when their point balance reaches the necessary level.

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Other Options

Hotel Interface

The IBS Hotel Interface allows you to send charges from your proshop to the PMS system at your sister hotel. Guests staying at the hotel will then view and pay for the proshop charges on their folio when they check out.

Member Import/Export

The IBS system has the flexibility to send and import membership data. This can be a great help to your marketing efforts, enabling you to keep a current database of members and use member data to created targeted marketing campaigns. For more details about this useful feature, contact your IBS Account Manager.


For enhanced security IBS now has the ability to use biometric fingerprint scanners within the .nxt suite of applications. Biometrics will replace the need for employee numbers and swipe cards while giving your club the highest level of security possible.

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